Basic Daycare and Boarding Questions 

Do you take puppies? 

Puppies must be through their second round of vaccinations. They don't need to have their rabies vaccination if they are under 5 months old. They also don't need to be spayed or neutered until they are 6 months old. 


What vaccinations do you require? 

Bordetella, DHPP, and Rabies must be current. Your veterinarian determines the expiration date of the vaccinations. We must have proof of the expiration dates. Vaccinations must be administered by a licensed veterinarian. You can fax them to us at (317) 849-5559, bring them to check-in, or email them to us. 


When can I drop off or pick up my dog? (Holidays and lunch) 

We are open from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm every day. We close for lunch from 12:00 to 2:00 so that we can clean and the dogs can eat lunch and take a nap if needed. We are not open for drop-offs or pick-ups on Thanksgiving or Christmas Day. The dogs that are boarding still get their regular daycare, but we don't have staff to take in or check out dogs since it's a holiday. 


Are the little dogs and big dogs separated? 

We have separate rooms for various play styles, sizes, and ages. 


How often are the dogs fed, and how should I bring their food? 

The dogs are fed at noon and at 6:00 PM. We can't accommodate morning feedings unless they are medically necessary or the puppy is under 6 months old. You can bring food in whatever way in convenient for you. Our preferred way would be each meal in a ziplock baggie. 


What should I bring for my dog when boarding? 

You can bring toys, blankets or beds. Each area has a Kuranda bed and food and water bowls. We have blankets and biscuits that we can provide. It's very handy if you write your dog's name on his or her belongings. 


How often do the dogs go outside? 

The dogs go outside several times a day. They do not have free access to the outside, we want to keep an eye on them while they are outside. On nice days, if they're quiet, they stay out for quite sometime in the afternoon. We like the dogs going outside - so we let them out a bunch of times. 


Do they have access to water? How often? 

Dogs ALWAYS have access to water. There is water in the room, in their kennels, outside and in the smaller areas if the room have been sectioned off. 


What if my dog gets hurt? 

Depends on the injury. Scratches and scrapes will be treated on-site and we will call you if we think the injury might warrant a visit to the vet soon. If it's a serious injury, which is rare, we'll call you and see what you'd like us to do. If we cannot get a hold of you, we'll try your emergency contact. If we can't get a hold of anyone, we will use our best judgment. 


Why did my dog get blisters on his pads? 

Dogs that are always on carpet or grass might get blisters from the rubber floor. We will treat with an antibiotic and paw wax. For the next couple of visits, remind us and we'll wax their paws until they build up enough to not blister.