About Us

Brown dog smiling while laying in bed.


• We opened April 1st, 2006

• We opened our training center in 2013

• We remodeled the outside of the building in 2013

• We expanded into the rest of the building in 2019

• Now, we have over 6,000 sqft of playrooms for the dogs. Full of safe rubber floors, equipment to play on and full time supervision.

• We have 3,000 sqft of outside area for dogs to do what they like to do outside.

• We have 2,000 sqft of kennel space for a restful nights sleep.

• Each playroom has fans, air conditioning, automatic water bowls, echo panels and love from folks in the room.



Jennifer Leming - since 2006 

Megan Heffley - since 2006 

Steven Wynings - 2021 

Madison Craft - 2022 

That is 54 years of experience managing dogs in daycare and boarding!

Jennifer Leming - General Manager

I was that annoying kid that knocked on your door and asked if I could walk your dog.  As a result, I often let the neighbors’ pets out and fed them when they were on vacation (different time way back then- someone fed your dog 2 times a day and them out to potty instead of boarding in a fun-filled environment).  I worked on a horse farm in college and eventually wound up working for 7 years in a no-kill shelter where I met Robin. 

I learned a lot of medical care while at the shelter and the sad fact of how many homeless animals there are. 

I did not have any pets as a child.  My mom had six kids and didn’t need any more work to do. 

I have one dog and 3 cats.  I enjoy runs and hiking with my dog and playing with my cats with da’ bird. 

Check out the facility and make sure you’re comfortable leaving your pet there. Board with us, we are the best! 

Since working at Lucky Dog, I have learned a lot about dogs’ behavior and what dogs need to be mentally and physically happy and healthy.  I also learned that I will never know everything about dogs because it changes with every dog and every situation. 

Jennifer kneeling next two yellow lab.
Megan sitting with three dogs

Megan Heffley - Assistant Manager

In 2003 I volunteered at F.A.C.E animal clinic for 6 months while I was completing a service project in High School. I did a lot of prep and gruff cleaning so the facility could operate efficiently. You could say it was my first job. After that, I took my first psych course in college and got to study newborn baby rats interacting with their nursing mother. I soon took to kennel work at a boarding facility and read a lot of books before finding my place here. 

As a kid, I had many outdoor cats, 2 dogs, fish here and there, and a bird. I now have 2 preschoolers and 2 dogs, Samual and Napoleon. I am also a caretaker of 3 feral cats, Lilli, Belle, and Grumpy. My favorite activities with the dogs are hiking, camping, playing Frisbee, training, and petting! The cats love to eat and I enjoy feeding them and watching them day to day. 

At Lucky Dog Retreat, daycare is a great place for a dog to be a dog while you are at work. It keeps them out of trouble or from laying around all day. The boarding is great because they aren’t kenneled all-day long –They get to come out and interact with other dogs for 12hrs and go to bed tired!