Dog Grooming

Groomer bathing black dog.

Luxury Dog Grooming in Indianapolis, IN

From basic hygiene and nail trims to full-service grooming, our Dog Grooming services offer everything you need at Lucky Dog Retreat to ensure your pooch is pampered from tip to tail. Our expert groomers specialize in the most current techniques in canine care and beautification here at our Indianapolis, IN pet care facility.


Dog Grooming Services


·       Exit bath

·       Bath and Brush

·       Full Groom


·       Anal Gland Expression

·       Berry Facial

·       Clean Feet

·       Conditioner

·       Brush Out

·       Nail Trim

·       Nail Grind

·       Ear Cleaning

·       Face Trim

·       Flea and Tick Shampoo

·       Medicated Shampoo

·       Sanitary Trim

·       Shed Control Treatment

·       Skunk Service

·       Spaw Package (Nails, Ears, teeth)

·       Teeth Brushing

·       Trim Up

White dog licking nose while being groomed.