Upcoming Events:

Basic Manners Class

(Full until June 29th)

Jun 29 - Jul 27


Puppy Class

June 1st - 22nd


Puppy Parties!

Every Sunday

from 2:00 - 3:00

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Daycare - every day - all day

Daycare during weekends & holidays

Private rooms at night and lunch

Beds and blankets included

No extra, silly charges

Medications - no charge

7am to 7pm 7 days a week

Access to a huge outside area

Constant supervision, inside and out

Bridges, slides and toys to play on

Web cams in both areas of the room



Experienced, professional Trainers

Fun and positive classes

Limited student enrollment

Private training area

Evening classes


Let's chat about Dog Training Classes!

Dog Training Classes are fun and informative! Our classes are designed to help you understand how to best train your dog. It's not just about SIT, DOWN, STAY, etc. - it's about helping you and your dog understand how best to live and play together. All dogs are different, and they learn differently - come learn from years and years of experience and an unparalleled admiration for dogs and dog behavior.

5990 E. 71st Street

Indianapolis, IN  46220

(317) 849-5555

Locally owned and operated • Single location • Owner on site • Opened April 2006