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Juno was one of several puppies at Indianapolis Animal Care and Control that came down with parvo. Parvo is a nasty gastrointestinal disease that will kill a puppy if it goes untreated.


We took Juno and 4 of her brothers and sisters. All 5 had parvo. Puppy number #4 did not make it through the weekend at the veterinary clinic. Puppies #1 and #5 did very well and puppy #2 lagged behind, but caught up with #1 and #5. Puppy #3 struggled and stopped eating.


We took puppy #3 back to the vet and they suspected she was suffering from an Intussusception. That's a long word for her intestines went through so much trauma with the parvo that her intestines turned in on themselves.


Of course this was Friday late afternoon when the vet's offices were closing for the weekend. Off to VCA we went. Sadly not many clinics were excited to ultrasound a puppy with parvo. Sigh.


Yep - that's what it was, intussusception. Part of her intestine had died and she underwent emergency surgery to repair her belly. At this point, she's still not happy about eating and skin and bones!


She came home from VCA yesterday (Monday, Dec 12) and I took her home and Lisa and I grandma'd her all up. Lisa scrambled her a couple eggs and Aunt Karen brought her some roast beef. She's eating and thriving this morning and we begin to recoup our bank account so we can continue to save dogs like Juno. (aka Puppy #3).


Our bill for Juno's 3 days at VCA was $6,942.14. No, really. And that was with our rescue 'discount'.

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